Below, we highlight some of our annual parties that brothers of past, present and future look forward to. Accompanying these events are many socials with other Greek Organizations, Friday night band parties, and spontaneous get-togethers that the brothers put on. Each event is always accompanied by a band, hand selected by our current social chairman, and a photographer, to capture memories that brothers and their guests will cherish for years and years to come.


Fall is a very busy time for Alpha Epsilon. Although there are not as many signature annual
parties, every home football game brings with it a great tailgate at the house with a band and
food that is either catered or prepared by our house chef. 

 Recently, the brothers have really
enjoyed our annual Halloween band party, Christmas Cocktail and our Semi-Formal, which is
often held at a remote venue in the Auburn/Opelika area.


A staple in Auburn fraternity culture, the ATOs always kick off the spring semester with a weekend trip to New Orleans. Arriving Friday night and staying through Sunday morning, the brothers and their dates enjoy dining, partying and exploring the French Quarter. On Saturday night, a black tie event named after our fraternity flower, the White Tea Rose, is hosted at one of the premier event centers on Bourbon Street.


A legendary event at Auburn for brothers and friends of ATOs, this event is one of our more well-known. This event celebrates the farmland and culture that makes Auburn so great. Brothers and their dates dress in their best western/farm attire and show up to the house for a hoe-down with a hay covered floor and petting zoo filled with local animals to pet and feed. Everyone leaves with priceless memories and photos from this uniquely ATO event.


Celebrated nationally throughout many ATO chapters, Gatorbash is held every year as a play on words, as the letter “A” “T” and “O” can be found in the word “gATOr”. The house is always decorated with bamboo, truly turning our outdoor area into a swamp. Brothers dress in either beachy clothing or, if the have it, try and replicate the legendary Steve Irwin look! Often concluded with a day party named after our chant, “Ruh Rah Reggae” is always a festive time as a Jamaican band plays reggae music in the front yard and hundreds of pounds of crawfish are provided for brothers and their guests.


To wrap up another great year for the Alpha Epsilon chapter, Viking Week is one of the most heralded events for the ATOs and is well known throughout the Auburn community.  As the unofficial mascot of ATO, brothers truly embrace the Viking theme and see it as a time to show their pride as brothers of ATO. The celebration often starts on Monday, consisting of a brotherhood pig roast, where a full roasted hog is brought to the house and fed to the brothers in true Viking fashion. Tuesday is the first date night of the week, where brothers bring their dates for a semi-formal style party. Wednesday is always our final chapter meeting of the year, dubbed “senior chapter”, where senior brothers often give speeches, share memories and reflect on what impact ATO has had on their years at Auburn. Thursday is the main event. As is tradition, the brothers of ATO deck themselves out in their best Viking garb and pick up their dates, who dress in cocktail attire.